The list of jobs suitable for Micro Outsourcing is literally endless. However, this chart shows the most common categories:

Most common types of Micro Outsourcing jobs. Source: Elance.com, oDesk.com

Some typical examples

Web & Programming

Web design.
A SourceItOut client started a new wealth management business in Geneva and needed a classy 6-page website with a photo slideshow functionality.

Web programming. A client launched a new E-commerce website and needed some specific web programming skills including Ajax, PHP, MySQL, and Paypal.

Software development. A client had a web 2.0 website and wanted a mobile application to provide the same functionality.

Writing & Translation

Article writing.
A client set up a new website and needed original and creative articles for a marketing campaign. Another needed blog posts on a regular schedule about the latest and most fashionable perfumes. A third client needed a skilled copywriter for press releases and white papers.

Summary writing. A client had 250 unread articles, papers and reports and needed a short summary of each in order to determine which ones were relevant.

Translation. A large Swiss company needed several German articles and websites translated to English, French and Italian.

Admin Support

Internet research.
SourceItOut used an MBA freelancer in Baroda, India, to get market research data on 308 concierge services and their web presence. A client needed incomplete and outdated excel spread sheets to be updated with current and accurate information.

Customer Service & Support. A client selling computer hardware needed two staff for its technical support to help customer with hardware and software configuration.

Data validation & processing. A client used screen scraping software to automatically collect market data on a daily basis and needed a small group of people to correctly categorize people and companies, and to reformat unreadable text so it looked clean and professional.

Virtual Assistance. A non-French speaking SourceItOut client hired a French speaking virtual assistant to do phone calls, manage appointments and set up business meetings in Geneva, Switzerland.

Design & Multimedia

Logo design.
A client needed a new logo and we set up a competition where 53 designers submitted logo designs and the client selected his favorite one.

Graphic design. A client needed a set of professional looking brochures and presentations with matching graphic designs.

Audio & Video Production. A client needed a 4 min Flash video tutorial to train its customers how to best use the client website. Another client needed a 2 min animated video for its advertisement campaign.

Sales & Marketing

Sales organization creation.
A SourceItOut client needed to build a sales organization across 8 countries in Asia and the Middle East with experienced, well-connected sales people working on commission.

Search-Engine Optimization. A client selling real estate in the alps wanted to increase the number of website visitors from 15 to 500 a day.

Lead Generation. A client wanted its sales team to focus more of its time on existing customers and needed help to find new leads and prospective customers including their URLs, company profile summaries, and key contact people along with their LinkedIn profiles.

Marketing. A client wanted to market its new, hip ski brand to young, hard-core skiers in the alps through the use of advertising and social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter and ski forums on the net.

Other non-typical examples

Implementing a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and managing databases, a server and the network for a client NGO operating across four continents.

Finding a new job for a client (who lost his job due to outsourcing) including job search, cover letter writing and resume tuning.

Collecting homework information from a teacher's voicemail and emailing it to the client and her kid.

Finding parking slots for a client's sales trip in Germany such that the client could save time and avoid having to search for parking.

Get a client an authenticated weather report for a particular place on June 21, 2003, to be used as supportive evidence for a lawsuit.