Outsourcing Comparison

Business-To-Business Outsourcing is slow and out of date[1]. Micro Outsourcing and SourceItOut is the future. Here we tell you why.


Business-To-Business Outsourcing

Micro Outsourcing



Slow. Takes many months or years to get a project started.

Usually fast. Takes a few days to a few weeks to get a job started.

On demand. A Project Manager contacts you within hours.


Big. Requires careful and systematic planning, analysis, negotiation, resource transitioning and relationship management.

Low. Finding a Micro Outsourcing service, writing a compelling job description and selecting a provider is fairly simple. Finding the best providers and attain consistent high-quality results are difficult.

Negligible. A Project Manager calls you up and discusses your needs in detail. Then the PM does the job posting, provider selection, management and quality assurance for you.


Low. Once a project has started, it is difficult to change the working process, the outsourcing provider, the contract terms or the people involved.

High. Jobs are easily started, closed or modified with additional resources and skills added as needed. Jobs are paid either fixed-price or per hour.

Very high. An experienced Project Manager discusses the job with the client, structures it and does all the management work for the client. Changes can be made on the fly.

Size & Type of Tasks

Very large work packages relating to IT infrastructure, complete applications or business functions.

Extremely wide variety of small/medium sized tasks enabling clients to augment their work force or access a specific skill set.

Same as Micro Outsourcing


High. Difficult to assess and quantify risks and business impact in advance. All eggs in one basket. Inflexible; difficult to change course.

Low. The initial investments in terms of time, effort and money are very low. Very flexible and easy to change course.

Same as Micro Outsourcing


Medium. Studies of B2B outsourcing cite typical cost savings in the 10-30% range.

Very low. 100 000s of providers compete seamlessly worldwide resulting in hyper-competitive pricing typically 50-70% below the rates in Europe and North America.

Same as Micro Outsourcing + a Project Manager charge.

Good Management

Required. Important for B2B outsourcing success. Frequent point of failure.

Required. Fundamental for Micro Outsourcing success. Frequent point of failure.

Included. Each job and client is assigned a skilled Project Manager who oversees the work, cost and deadlines.


Difficult. The outsourcer and provider usually have highly different people, processes, business models, values and cultures resulting in frequent miscommunication.

Difficult. Lacking communication and miscommunication are the main reasons for project failures.

Easy. SourceItOut provides simple collaboration tools and the Project Manager cultivates good communication and reliable business relationships.


Varies considerably. Bad response time, missed deadlines and delays are common.

Varies considerably. Unreliable availability, missed deadlines and poor results are common.

Guaranteed. Quality is SourceItOut's top priority. A 5-pillar system ensures top quality results.