What is Micro Outsourcing?

Have you ever wished that you could delegate more tasks? That you had people helping you with web, software or design project? With market research? Or helping you create/proofread presentations, documents or articles? Then Micro Outsourcing is something for you!
  • Micro Outsourcing is an internet enabled phenomenon where businesses gain access to 100 000s of skilled freelancers and providers, while benefiting from the cost-effectiveness resulting from seamless global competition.
  • Micro Outsourcing empowers people getting more things done faster by offering a smooth way to augment the work force on demand with whatever skills and resources that are needed.
  • For a typical business, Micro Outsourcing can cut the costs in many areas by over 50% while increasing productivity.
Micro Outsourcing is one of the hottest business trends in North America right now with new multi-million dollar funded startups emerging every month and with several of the largest and best run Micro Outsourcing services growing over 100% annually.

Have you heard of oDesk, RentACoder, Peopleperhour, CrowdFlower, 99designs or any of the 100s of other Micro Outsourcing startups? In five years they’ll be part of your professional and personal life.

Read more about Micro Outsourcing in the article attached below, which appeared in The Economist on May 14, 2010.
Martin Tiberg,
May 19, 2010, 5:47 AM