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Planning & Structuring

What Micro Outsourcing opportunities are open to you? On what tasks can you save 50% or more while increasing productivity? Where should you start? To companies in Switzerland we offer Workshops and Company visits where we discuss and explore these questions together.

Micro Outsourcing Workshop

During half a day Martin Tiberg, the SourceItOut founder and Micro Outsourcing expert, meets you and your team to explore the field of Micro Outsourcing and how it applies to you.

Typical agenda & outcome
  • Micro Outsourcing presentation. Customized presentation explaining how Micro Outsourcing can be used in your field of business.
  • Company presentation. You explain your business, your outsourcing experience and your Workshop expectations.
  • Exploration. We focus on IT, marketing or some other field of your business and discuss:
    • Do you need access to some particular skills?
    • What repetitive routine tasks do you have?
    • What are your most pressing issues right now? Can you use Micro Outsourcing to solve them?
  • Structuring. For each task that we identify as a potential outsourcing target we address:
    • Is it easy or hard to find a provider for this task?
    • How would it work?
    • What's the potential cost saving?
    • What are the risks?
    • What does it require of you?
  • Outcome. At the end of the Workshop, you'll have:
    • Action plan. A plan indicating what steps you need to do internally and where you need help to realize the Micro Outsourcing opportunities which have been identified.
    • Outsourcing task list. A list of Micro Outsourcing opportunities along with risks and potential cost savings for each task.
  • Follow up. You'll be contacted about any open questions or missing information from the Workshop, and about any help you might need to execute the action plan.
Send an email to request a quotation for a Micro Outsourcing Workshop.

Company visit

Would you like to discuss how SourceItOut can help you access Micro Outsourcing opportunities in order to save money and increase productivity?

Send an email to request a free company visit.