Hire Skilled People

SourceItOut helps you find the best freelancers on the internet. Then we manage their work and quality assure the results which are delivered to you. Below the process is outlined in detail.

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Find Freelancer

1. You post a job.

2. You get assigned an experienced Project Manager (PM) who calls you up in order to discuss your needs in detail (e.g. objective, scope, budget, timeline, etc) and to establish a good working relationship.

3. The PM finds you an affordable, high-quality freelancer by:

  • Summarizing all relevant job information in a document along with a Request For Quotes (RFQ) and sends it to you for confirmation.
  • Distributes the RFQ to 100 000s of freelancers world wide in order to reach the most suitable one for you.
  • Screening out the best freelancers and interviews a few of them.
  • Sending you a list of the top 3 freelancers along with test results, interview responses and a recommendation.

4. You select the freelancer or freelancers with whom you want to work.

Get the Job Done

5. The PM introduces the selected freelancer to you and to the work. The PM creates an online working area where you can collaborate and track decisions and progress of the work.

6. The PM oversees the work

  • checking costs and deadlines,
  • enforcing quality compared to the work description in the RFQ,
  • involving you whenever necessary,
  • intervening quickly in case of any issues.

7. The freelancer completes the job and delivers the results to you.

8. You approve the results and end the job.

You are invoiced through Paypal for the work at the end of each week.