Build Sales Network

SourceItOut offers a new way to build sales organizations in emerging markets. Generally, these markets lack formal structures and they are difficult and costly to access by traditional means. Instead we use global professional networks with 100 000s of individuals to find sales representatives, agents and/or distributors directly in your market.

Key advantages

  • Direct Access. Recruit sales people directly in your target markets.

  • Quality Assurance. We recruit great people and manage handovers, payments and collaboration.

  • Speed. Start immediately and expand several markets in parallel.

  • Cost-Effectiveness. Avoid expensive travel and selection programs. Reduce costs with commission based agreements.

  • Flexibility. Ramp up the size, cost and coverage at your own pace.

  • Relationship Management. Use our simple collaboration tools to communicate efficiently. Integrate with CRM.

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Please contact us per email for a quotation. Download the pdf-file below to read more.
Martin Tiberg,
May 24, 2010, 4:36 AM