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What's Holding You Back?

posted Jul 22, 2011, 1:05 AM by Martin Tiberg
The first time you turned to remote workers, it was probably to find a good solution to a specific problem: find a talented, affordable freelancer to overhaul your website, then get back to business as usual. For other employers, though, that first taste of remote work triggers a tactical shift in how work gets done.

At SourceItOut, our remote contractors outnumber in-house staff by far, and our contractors helped drive an impressive growth rate over the past years. Our clients also use a wide range of remote talent to power success for their own businesses. So how do you take an initial foray into remote work and use it to transform your business? Here are three questions to get you there:
  •  What more can your first contractor(s) do? If you've found a good worker who is contributing to your success, what else can she do for you? Be on the lookout for other skills that you could use, and consider other areas of your business where her proven skill set might come in handy.
  • Where are you understaffed? Typically, there are a number of areas that end up backlogged — like a customer service inbox that takes days to wade through, a database that needs maintenance or a sadly outdated press page. If no one in-house is dealing with these, make the focused investment of hiring someone remote to clear out those backlogs.
  • What aren't you doing? Any business with ambition to grow has a list of projects on the back burner because there's just not enough time. What do you keep putting off until next quarter that could be making you money today? Expansion of your website functionality? Upgrade to your SEO and SEM efforts? How about a social media expert to help you tap the potential of Facebook and Twitter?
If you've got work that isn't being done, opportunities that aren't being tapped, it's money being left on the table. SourceItOut has learned firsthand that nearly any obstacle can be overcome with the right remote talent. So ask yourself the three questions listed above today, and make decisions to run your business faster and smarter tomorrow.