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SourceItOut will partner with large staffing company?

posted Sep 23, 2010, 5:16 AM by Martin Tiberg
To accelerate its growth, SourceItOut recently started potential partnership discussions with some large staffing companies (US English: temp agencies). The mutual benefits are obvious:
  • The staffing companies have good, ongoing relationships with a large group of clients and, every so often, they can not satisfy the clients' demands to find workers with the right sets of skills.
  • SourceItOut can quickly find highly skilled talent at an attractive price level -- also in areas where local talent is scarce.
SourceItOut is an attractive partner, because it has a significantly larger pool of remotely working freelancers than even the biggest staffing companies.

In short, SourceItOut brings three assets to the table:
  1. Knowledge
    • Market knowledge, powerful IT systems, networks with 100 000s of skilled freelancers.
  2. Quality system:
    • Infrastructure and method to find the right person/talent,
    • Experienced facilitators to foster good relationships,
    • Easy-to-use collaboration tools to facilitate good communication,
    • Sound processes to achieve reliability, efficiency and .IT-system automation/integration,
    • Online training teaching how to master remote communication.
  3. Partnership opportunity
Discussions are ongoing with the goal is to create win-win-win deals for SourceItOut, the staffing companies and their clients.