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Concierge businesses

posted Jul 5, 2010, 2:44 AM by Martin Tiberg   [ updated Jul 5, 2010, 1:23 PM ]
The two main type of players in the Micro Outsourcing market are A) the online marketplaces, which bring clients and freelancers together to negotiate deals, and B) the concierge businesses, which offer personal services locally. Today's blog post is about concierge businesses. The graph and the table below illustrate the fast growth and the price of these services, respectively, as we have found through our own market research.
Cumulative number of domain registrations of concierge businesses.

The online Concierge businesses constitute a diverse market. In the fall of 2009, we found 404 businesses with online presence which assist busy individuals with their everyday tasks. Generally, the scope of the service offers include errands, gift shopping, bookings of clubs, restaurants and tickets. In a few cases, the scope extends much further and may include a wide range of services or a dedicated virtual assistant. Generally, the clients can pay per hour. However, some businesses require subscription schemes where a number of tasks – each typically limited to around 30 min of working time – are included each month.

Concierge price & popularity


North America

Rest of the World


A. Average hourly rate

$ 42

$ 33

$ 28

$ 34

B. Average monthly subscription

$ 177

$ 135

$ 9

$ 133

C. Daily reach in PPM





(A) the average hourly rate based on the cheapest service plans for 5 hours of work per month, (B) the average monthly subscription price for the concierge businesses which require a subscription plan, and (C) parts per million of all internet users who visit a concierge website.