What's our mission?

SourceItOut is a One-Stop Shop offering unprecedented convenience and guaranteed quality as we unveil the world of Micro Outsourcing to small and medium sized businesses and beyond.

Why was the company founded?

Micro outsourcing is a highly successful market because it allows 100 000s of buyers and providers to interact online at the same time, exchange information, provide services to each other, and save considerable amounts of money. Just over 3000 per million internet users visit a micro outsourcing website every day.

However, even though the micro outsourcing market is successful and growing fast, its size is only 0.1% of the $500 billion outsourcing market as a whole[1]. In fact, the micro outsourcing market has not left the phase of early adoption. In order to leave the early adoption phase and reach the main stream, the micro outsourcing market must solve its quality and convenience problems. These problems cause severe pain for the current early adopters:
  • Efficacy. In 2009, one of the SourceItOut founders tested 11 different micro outsourcing services with only 8 of 19 tasks completed successfully. Countless hours was lost while trying to find providers who could actually do what they claimed. However, even after the cumbersome process of carefully selecting a provider, the quality of the provider’s work was in the majority of the cases substandard.
  • Quality. In their popular book Shoestring Venture: The Startup Bible, Hooker and Monas’s discussion of online micro-outsourcing marketplaces spares no remorse: “Quality varies widely, so these marketplaces are usually the worst source of dependable talent…Quality providers often find themselves wasting their effort on these sites because they always lose to these low-ballers. So be careful when selecting a bidder.”[2]
  • Management. Even Gary Swart, the CEO of oDesk, acknowledges the difficulties clients have in using his own service: “People who are likely to be successful are those that are good at managing local employees. You have to be a good manager in general before you can tackle what I would call remote work management. … It’s got to be somebody … having good processes and good tools to help facilitate that remote relationship.”[3]
The purpose of SourceItOut is to remove these pains and difficulties.

How do we do it?

The SourceItOut business model is designed to provide clients with a single point of entry – a gateway – into the world of outsourcing. The company aspires to do to outsourcing what the Graphical User Interface – the GUI – did to desktop computing. Only large corporations and a few sophisticated individuals used computers before Macintosh and Windows; they made desktop computing available to standard users and opened it up to a gigantic market.

Conceptually, it is really simple. Similarly to the GUI, SourceItOut adds a layer – quality assurance and management – on top of the existing services in the Micro Outsourcing market. This way, the company's clients gain access to the expertise of 100 000s of providers and the cost-effectiveness resulting from seamless global competition; at the same time, the company offers convenience, personal touch and quality which go far beyond the service level of other Micro Outsourcing services. SourceItOut makes Micro Outsourcing easy and available on demand for individuals and businesses craving convenience and reliable quality.

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